MMAGPY M Collection

Hi, my name is Magpy. Although I am also a magpie, but my name is different from other birds (Magpie). I grew up in the vicinity of Central Park in New York, so I have been exposed to an environment of outstanding fashion, music, design and artistic thoughts since I came out of the egg. I love the shining things, so I travel around the world to collect pearls, gold and other treasures piece by piece, and then bring them back to my hometown of New York. 

When I got back to New York, I handed my collection of treasures to three good friends -- a jewelry designer, a market media creative artist, and a fashion photographer. They made these shiny things into beautiful and lovely accessories, and they named the collection after me: MMAGPY. This is the origin of MMAGPY.

The design of MMAGPY was created by a group of humorous people. This is a group of people who are curious, intelligent and naughty; this is a group of people who have created a quirky and amazing work in a maverick way; this is a group of people who believe in living in an environmentally friendly and happy way of life. Most of all, this is a group of people who agree that good design can sublimate precious parts into a whole and leave people's hearts pounding. Moreover, MMAGPY is looking forward to bringing more surprises and love for life to young people like the creative team.

MMAGPY Candy Collection
MMAGPY Lace Planet Collection

Each one of MMAGPY's accessories is made of high-quality silver and 24K gold plating. The design of the fanciful and New York city atmosphere makes MMAGPY a unique luxury accessory brand. In the fall of 2017, two new collections were launched for the first time: the Candy Store series and the letter M series.

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