MMAGPY pronounced the same as the auspicious bird Magpie with an extra M.  The additional M stands for Marvelous, a word the brand holds dearly since it’s funding in 2016.  MMAGPY aspires to create pieces from the spark and curious elements of the world and accompany its beholders as they discover each Marvelous moment in their lives.


When walking through the hustle and bustle of streets, with the aroma of morning coffee whirling around, or when listening to the psychedelic music and lost yourself in the neon lights of feasting and revelry, you see your reflection on the building and you see your confident and unique self every time. MMAGPY girls in the impetuous and posh cities enjoy the multicultural impact and high-speed rhythm, love their innocent curiosity, and play by their own rules. They keep up their attitudes and pamper themselves.

Xu Liu 

10:30 New York City,I am on my way to brunch. Love the earring.

Emily Robinson

11:30 New York City, I am ready to get photos taken for an interview. As an actress, I often like to wear statement earrings.

Xiaomeng Zheng

14:30 New York City, my new accessory selection for a weekend gallery tour. In love with the Cray Cray earring.

Alina Baikova

20:30 New York City, MMAGPY drives my sexy out with shine.


In real life, MMAGPY captures all the unreal, dreamlike, wonderful moments and thoughts for you.


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